11 апреля, 2021

A fascinating story of Leonid Bernstein, who was a partisan battalion commander during ww2. He was responsible for destroying the development facility of the terrifying Nazi V-2 rocket, the last hope of Hitler to change the outcome of war. But beyond the medals, lies a wonderful story of a young Jewish orphan who becomes a leader, survives against all odds and succeeds to preserve his identity.

Back To Chernobyl

22 марта, 2020Chernobyl

The film presents the story of the Chernobyl disaster, as a mosaic of stories, unique video archives and experiences, from the difficult past and the sad results of the present, which is told from several different perspectives.

Here and now

13 марта, 2019

A social drama told through the eyes of Andrey, a young immigrant living with her little sister in the slums of the city of Ashdod and struggling to assimilate into Israeli society, who forms a hip-hop band with his three best friends.
Surviving day to day, they devote their time to rehearsing for an audition to an upcoming international music festival. They believe that winning the musical competition will allow them to make their voices heard, to influence their harsh reality.

babylon dreamers

12 марта, 2019babylon

A group of young dancers from Israel’s periphery, whose members are immigrants from the former Soviet Union, is trying to win the International Break-dance Championship.

red echoes of war

11 марта, 2019red echoes of war

The veterans, both men and women, fighters in the «Red Army» that overpowered the Nazis in the Second World War, are today elderly.

They gather daily in their small club, that was built for them by their city in the south of Israel,to tell their stories — perhaps for the last time. Here are the stories of the veterans of Arad.

* The movie developed for Ministry of Education for preservation of historical values.

no one but us

10 марта, 2019no one but us

This is a story about the solitude of the new immigrants and their endless struggle to survive, to be accepted and to be a part of Israeli society.

Andrei, the protagonist, a new immigrant from the former Soviet Union, discovers that in order to save his sick father’s life he must buy an expensive drug that is well beyond his means. At the same time, Andrei and his two best friends, Zura and Marat, also living alone in the country, try to achieve their dream to be heard and understood via their poesy music. Andrei decides to get the money for the medicine his father so desperately needs at all costs.

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