• TV series
  • 3 Episodes
  • 2022

‘Munich 1972,’ a 3-part series on the terrorist killings of Israeli Olympic athletes and coaches, is include dramatized scenes, archival footage and interviews with key figures 50 years on. A new documentary series about the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games are co-produced by Global Screen, a German entertainment company co-owned by actor and media mogul Will Smith and directed by Israeli award film director Roman Shumunov. The TV series, “Munich 72,” is being produced by Israel’s Tadmor Entertainment and Chanel 8, and will focus on the events that unfurled on September 5, 1972, at the Munich Olympic village. Palestinian terrorists took members of Israel’s Olympic delegation hostage in an attempt to gain the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. Ultimately, 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were murdered by the terrorists. The series is slated to combine archival footage, interviews with key figures and dramatized scenes of the situation that unfolded in both Germany and Israel before, during and after the massacre.

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