• Drama
  • 105 min
  • 2021

A fascinating story of Leonid Bernstein, who was a partisan battalion
commander during ww2. He was responsible for destroying the development facility of the terrifying Nazi V-2 rocket, the last hope of Hitler to change the outcome of war. But beyond the medals, lies a wonderful story of a young Jewish orphan who becomes a leader, survives against all odds and succeeds to preserve his identity.

Status: Production ( after 15 docs shooting days and 5 fiction shooting days. The plan is to shoot last 13 fiction days to finish the project)
Missing budget: 250K$
Making of, one of the shooting days.
Director Roman Shumunov
Producers Ronen Balzam, Emanuel Shechter, Lior Sasson
ScriptWrite Simon Shechter, Roman Shumunov, Tasha Karluka, Slava Tkachev
DP Evgeny Usanov