no one but us

  • Fiction
  • 35 min
  • 2011

This is a story about the solitude of the new immigrants and their endless struggle to survive, to be accepted and to be a part of Israeli society.

Andrei, the protagonist, a new immigrant from the former Soviet Union, discovers that in order to save his sick father's life he must buy an expensive drug that is well beyond his means. At the same time, Andrei and his two best friends, Zura and Marat, also living alone in the country, try to achieve their dream to be heard and understood via their poesy music. Andrei decides to get the money for the medicine his father so desperately needs at all costs.

Director and Editor: Roman Shumonov
Scriptwrite: Alexander Plavnik, Roman Shumunov
Producer: Sivan Firuzi
Production Company: Sapir Collage
DP Emil Moshailov

Best Short Film

Mexico International Film Festival, Mexico/USA

Best Actor

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel

Best Original Music

South Cinema Festival, Israel

Best Student Film

For the Development of Social Problems, Israel


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