Best Screenplay

22 марта, 2020

Zabaikalsky International Film Festival

Back To Chernobyl

22 марта, 2020Chernobyl

The film presents the story of the Chernobyl disaster, as a mosaic of stories, unique video archives and experiences, from the difficult past and the sad results of the present, which is told from several different perspectives.

Best Feature Film

26 марта, 2019

Budapest International Film Festival

Opening and Best Film

26 марта, 2019

Doc Aviv International Film Festival

Best Short Film Award

26 марта, 2019

Viral competition, Israel

Winner short competition

26 марта, 2019

Cinema South Film Festival

Best Short Film

26 марта, 2019

Mexico International Film Festival, Mexico/USA

Best Actor

26 марта, 2019

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel

Best Original Music

26 марта, 2019

South Cinema Festival, Israel

Best Student Film

26 марта, 2019

For the Development of Social Problems, Israel

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