red echoes of war

  • Documentary
  • 35 min
  • 2015

The veterans, both men and women, fighters in the "Red Army" that overpowered the Nazis in the Second World War, are today elderly.
They gather daily in their small club, that was built for them by their city in the south of Israel,to tell their stories - perhaps for the last time. Here are the stories of the veterans of Arad.

The movie developed for Ministry of Education for preservation of historical values.

Full movie

Director and Editor: Roman Shumonov
Producer: Shuki Feldman and Ronen Balsam
Production Company: Sapir Desperate
Research: Julia Kuritani
Coordinator and Veterans: Marina Glaser
Narrator: Eyal Gelberg

Best Short Film Award

Viral competition, Israel

Winner short competition

Cinema South Film Festival